Al Kimam’s Scope of Work

Trading Activities

When the company entered the Saudi construction
market in the mid-80s, it started with a promising vision
for the future. The organization then began to supply the
market with high quality products through multiple distribution
channels such as, retail and wholesale exhibitions throughout the
Kingdom, bringing the number of exhibits today to nearly 70 salespoints.
Not only that; the company also set up a special department
for projects, managed by a professional, experienced and efficient engineering
team to support and meet the needs of the projects from
conducting feasibility studies, calculation of quantities, preparation
of the necessary plans, installation and other elements related to
client projects.


As our ambition at Al Kimam is not limited by any borders
we did not stop at trading activities; instead we
chose to dive into a field we are very passionate about: industrialization.
As a result, the company has established several factories
up to this point that adopt the latest manufacturing techniques
and select the most skilled professionals to spearhead their operations.
These facilities include our marble factory, the granite factory and the
interior decoration factory, all of which work to meet the requirements of the customers
and provide them with the products that meet the complex needs of their projects.